Trefoil Guild

Trefoil Guild

The aims and objectives of the Trefoil Guild are:

  • To keep alive among members the spirit of the Guide and Scout Promises and Laws
  • To carry that spirit into the communities in which members live and work
  • To give practical, financial and moral support to Guiding and Scouting

Our mission

The Trefoil Guild offers members personal and social opportunities whilst supporting Guiding and Scouting.

What is a guild?

Every guild is different. Each Guild has:

  • at least six members
  • is linked with a District, Division or County

Members choose:

  • where they meet
  • the time of meetings – daytime or evenings
  • the frequency of meetings
  • the programme.

The programme:

  • should be varied
  • provides fun and enjoyment
  • involves all members in its planning
  • suits current members and attracts new members

The Trefoil Guild has:

  • The Communities Guild – for members of religious communities
  • Trefoil Guild in Foreign Countries – for members who live abroad
  • National Internet Guild – for those who are not able to join a local guild
  • Lone members – for those who are not able to join a local guild and who do not have access to the internet

Interest groups

Interest groups run in various parts of the country. For more information contact the Trefoil Guild office. Interests include:

  • caravanning
  • crafts
  • golf
  • heraldry
  • literature
  • miniaturists
  • music
  • photography
  • quilting
  • singing
  • travel
  • walking
  • watercolour painting